Kirsten Fedewa & Associates L.L.C. works with a national network of talented individuals to assist clients on a variety of projects.

Below is partial listing of services: 

  • Special event planning, including publicity, media, and fundraising
  • Ongoing media relations
  • Set up V.I.P. meetings across U.S.
  • Washington D.C. representation
  • Faciliate latest technology services such as teleforums for clients 
  • Develop and produce corporate identity and collateral materials
  • Monitor news for PR opportunities for client
  • Write, produce and distribute news releases and media advisories
  • Pitch news stories for client to national/state media outlets
  • Set up print, radio and TV interviews in any media market
  • Set up editorial board meetings for client in any media market
  • Write and produce advertising and website copy
  • Produce and execute all aspects of VNRs (video news releases) for TV satellite
  • Provide production management of promotional videos
  • Write and produce client newsletters and annual reports

Individualized client solutions available

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