Kirsten Fedewa & Associates L.L.C. is a boutique communications and public relations consultancy founded in 2003 by its principal, Kirsten A. Fedewa. Client services include:

  • Special events
  • Brand management
  • Publicity and media relations
  • Strategic planning
  • Message development
  • Individualized client solutions

The firm specializes in providing earned media, which is “free media” publicity, as opposed to paid advertising.

Tenor Anthony Kearns Sings at
Pre-Mass Concert for Pope Francis I

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Anthony Kearns videos

The music of Anthony Kearns and other Irish musicians is available at

WBZ’s Mary Blake speaks with Mr. Kearns about his return to Worcester, Massachusetts, where his U.S. solo career began.

Kirsten Fedewa Career Highlights

Media, Public Relations & Special Events

Sec. Tommy Thompson and Lesley Stahl at 2008 Bipartisan Health Care Forum in Minneapolis, MN Kirsten Fedewa & Associates L.L.C. produced a bipartisan health care forum hosted by the Obesity Society. (Featured here is Lesley Stahl with former HHS Sec. Tommy G. Thompson, a panelist.)

Air Force Gen. Steve Ritchie and author Michael Reagan with Kirsten at 2009 Steamboat Institute conference The firm was instrumental in the creation of the Steamboat Institute’s Inaugural Freedom Conference, aired on C-Span in August 2009. (Kirsten Fedewa is featured here with Michael Reagan, author and son of Pres. Ronald Reagan, and Air Force Gen. Steve Ritchie, on left.)

Tenor Anthony Kearns and Kirsten after 2009 concert in Woodbridge, VA The firm has secured high-profile events for Tenor Anthony Kearns (featured) including his first solo performance on Fox News Network’s popular television show, ‘Huckabee,’ charity concerts, a bipartisan holiday party on Capitol Hill, and performances at the 2010 Inauguration of Gov. Bob McDonnell of Virginia.

Gov. Mike Huckabee at news conference in Colorado Springs, CO in Feb. 2008Presidential Candidate Gov. Mike Huckabee (AR) is featured here at a media availability in Colorado in 2008. (The firm secured millions of dollars in earned media for the candidate.)

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