Anthony Kearns debuts new song, “Macy’s Window (Christmas in New York)”

NEWS: Irish Tenors Perform Virtual Concert Show during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Famed tenor Anthony Kearns of The Irish Tenors talks about the release of his new song, “Macy’s Window (Christmas in New York)” and his upcoming Christmas concerts on WBZ Radio.  Check out the WBZ interview here!

According to Kearns’ publicist, Kirsten Fedewa, Macy’s flagship window in New York is dedicated to frontline workers. Fedewa said this makes Kearns’ new song “even more poignant,” as Kearns worked to benefit U.S. military vets and frontline workers after 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy, and more recently, has performed in concerts to help those coping with the pandemic. (Photo of Kearns here with the U.S. Army Chorus.)